The Business Fairy Ltd was founded by Aisling Hurley MSc. (Digital Marketing) whose background is in designing and delivering I.T. based educational and business development programmes.  We design and deliver completely customised Digital Marketing Training programmes.  As technology has evolved so have our teaching materials, educational strategies and they way in which we deliver them for our clients. We’re passionate about creating, refining and optimising digital marketing media and tools for our valued clients through utilising new technologies.  Everything we do is completely customised for the client, scientifically researched, ensuring you get relevant, strategic and implementable information unique to you and your industry.  We research, report, deliver the training programme and advise in the Digital Marketing space for Schools (ETB’s, VTOS, NALA Word Aid, Primary), Universities (DCU Ryan Academy, DCU UStart), National and International Government Agencies (8 Local Enterprise Boards, Gaming & Leisure Skillsnet etc.), SME’s and Corporate Business.


Customised Digital Marketing Training Programmes

As our workshops and programmes are customised to the clients needs, this is just a sample of what we do. Please
email us with your specific requirements.

Digital Marketing Strategies
Data Analysis
Utilising Technology for Research and Competitive Advantage
Business Model Analysis
Business Model Generation
The Consumer and Digital Evolution
Assistive Technologies
Automation Tools
Cloud based technologies
QQI Level 5 matched programmes
City and Guilds matched programmes
Industry specific skills gap analysis and programme design
Smartphone Technologies
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Platforms (i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
Craft Business Development Programmes (e.g. Create Kilkenny, MADE in Waterford, Malaysian Government programmes)
Tourism Specific Programmes
Airline Industry Specific
Hospitality Industry Specific
Gaming and Leisure Industry Specific
Food Industry Specific Programmes
Farm Specific Programmes
Retail Specific Programmes
SME workshops (build your own website, optimise your website, Twitter, Facebook etc.)
Creating and working with Web Graphics
Creating and managing Online Communities
Blogging for Search Engine Optimisation
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
Snapchat/Whats App etc.
Mobile Advertising

We run in service training days for schools and teachers.  We provide our training material to schools under licence using cloud based technology.

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