You can have the best looking website in the world, but if it can’t be found online then your business is but a grain of sand in the desert.  We provide several Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for our clients. (SEO is the term applied to “getting your site found online”).  Ensuring a website is optimised for search engines requires many technical components.  It’s a bit like a jigsaw and it’s not just about your website.  There are many layers of SEO, and with the ongoing ever changing algorithms it’s a minefield for businesses.  Let us put you in prime position so that you can get back to what you do best – running your business.

The ongoing algorithm changes allows the search engine companies to keep control of search.  The purpose of search is to ensure the best, most appropriate result, is returned to the searcher (the person on the opposite side of the search box).  Our job at TSBF is to make sure your website is set up to become that “most appropriate result” in the search engines company’s view.  This takes strategic, competitive analysis and research.

We are an expert rated firm and approved Google Partner.  Our services include detailed website analysis,  competitive analysis, strategic analysis and digital asset analysis. We offer several services and provide customised solutions for our clients.

Expert Rated SEO services provider


(please email for customised solutions if they are not listed here, or if you require components/part solutions).

Complete Website SEO Analysis – report provided for client firm to work on.
Competitor SEO Analysis – report provided for client firm to follow.
Strategic Digital Asset Analysis – report provided for client firm to follow.
Complete Website SEO Analysis with TSBF performing the recommendations.
Competitor SEO Analysis with TSBF performing the recommendations.
Strategic Digital Asset Analysis with TSBF performing the recommendations.approved google partners
Branded and non branded key phrase analysis and implementation.

We also run SEO workshops where we teach clients how to do their own SEO.

Game On.

We provide website and social media services.






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