We run various digital marketing training workshops.  This is a wide topic and includes areas such as search engine optimisation, creative images etc .  Other areas include online brand building strategy etc.   We take the business strategy and use digital marketing tools to help you put that strategy into place and reach your objectives.  We run workshops both privately, for small businesses, and for government agencies.  We also develop and license training materials for schools and universities. You can find out more about that under our Teaching Resources section.

If your local enterprise board or business support agency doesn’t currently run one of our workshops you can ask for us.  We will run our digital marketing workshops for groups of 8 so if you have 8 people interested in your area, contact us.

We run private workshops at our offices by prior arrangement only.  This is a unique experience, a day in the countryside mixed with networking and technological learning.  The surrounding countryside facilitates creative thought and allows you time out from working in your business, to working on your business.  We supply a light healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day.  This has become a ritual for some of our clients and so early booking is advisable as these sessions are limited.  To find out when the next one is, please make sure you sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page (or where it says “sign up” straight above the TV).

Sample Digital Marketing Workshops

Workshops levels beginner, intermediate and advanced include:

Create your own Website in 2 days
Search Engine Optimisation
Create your own App (windows platform)
Google Webmasters
Bing Webmasters
Video Animation Workshop x 1 Day
Create your own Social Media Banners workshop
Create your own promotional flyers and postcards workshop
Google Plus
Google Places for Business
What’s App
YouTube Channel Branding
Social Media Optimisation
(using the platforms appropriate for your business)
Web Design using WordPress
(beginner, intermediate and advanced)
Individual Social Media platform training including:
Four Square
Snap Chat
Google Analytics
Google Ad words
Building an on-line Brand
Blogging for Business
Introduction to Email Marketing

We also do customised learning programmes for individual businesses and in house training. You can read our testimonials and case studies for further information.

We’ve helped some amazingly creative people, at our workshops.  People just like Isabella at Quilling Wonderland, who turned her hobby into a business.  We’ve helped people develop a brand, like Claire of Claire Molly Ceramics. We’ve helped Purcell Masterson PR company develop their Social Media Brand, We’ve helped people, like Colette from Jackson Rhodes, focus on their financial costings , profit margins and production issues like scaling up a craft product.

If you’d like to learn from a real Entrepreneur, in a fun, creative but practical way, please email us on info@thesmallbusiness.fairy.  

If  you would like to license our training materials, please email us.

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The Business Fairy Ltd.


Co. Laois,


Tel: 085-856 4627

Email: info@thebusinessfairy.ie

The Business Fairy Ltd.


Co. Laois, Ireland

Tel: 085-856 4627

Email: info@thebusinessfairy.ie


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